Art, my vocation.

I was born in Madrid in 1987. Since I was a little girl I was very attracted to the visual arts, I was always drawing. After finishing high school, I started my Fine Arts studies at the Complutense University of Madrid, where I graduated in 2010.

My interest in realism has led me to seek ways to learn traditional techniques and improve my skills. I have participated in workshops with renowned realist painters such as Antonio López and José María Mezquita and have attended 

important academies of realistic art, like the Florence Academy of Art and Angel Academy of Art in Florence.

I recognize that I need to be in constant learning and I hope to continue to do so until the last day, all with the aim of being able to fulfill my vocation: to bring more beauty to the world through my art.

Sculptor and painter

As an artist I mainly work on commission, I have done numerous projects for churches, such as the parrish of Saint John Chrysostom in Madrid. When I work for individuals, I usually focus on portraiture and landscape, two subjects that I am particularly fond of. I find in the face and the human figure a strong expressive capacity able of telling stories and transmitting emotions, while in nature and open spaces I discover a beauty that can move the soul and make it aware of its trascendence.

In all my works I seek not so much to reproduce exactly what I see, but to capture the essence that shines through the forms, to find the true character of each motif. Although I identify my work with contemporary realism, I often enter the world of abstraction and play with both languages. In the same way, I am also halfway between painting and sculpture, two mediums that offer very different expressive possibilities and that I like to explore equally.

Art and Beauty

I understand art as a way of making spiritual realities palpable, a way of giving shape to all those aspects of life that we perceive but that are beyond tangible reality. I sense art as proof that we are much more than mere flesh. To me beauty is of great importance, I think it is a universal need and art a way of making it present, a way of quenching our spiritual thirst, I am convinced, as Dostoevsky said, that "beauty will save the world."

That is why I try to offer the possibility of recovering faith in the beautiful, of giving a way of escape to the spirit that is drowning in a world full of ugliness, of finding comfort and peace for the soul through contemplation.